• Health Benefits Of Fruits And Vegetables
    Health Benefits Of Fruits And Vegetables

Tips On Buying The Best Fruit Juicer

Investing in an excellent and dependable juicer is the first step to start on the healthy habit of juicing. So what exactly should you consider when shopping for a juicer? How much money should you blow? What functions do you require? It can be a challenging task especially if it’s your first time. At the end of the day, you need a juicer that will match your requirements and suit your way of life. Here are some tips on buying a fruit juicer you should consider.

Fruit juicer buying guide

1. User friendliness

When shopping for a juicer, you should go for one that is easy to assemble and dismantle. If the juicer is composed of many parts it can become a menace to put together and the chances are that you will no longer cherish the idea of juicing. Besides, the juicer may well end up neglected in some dusty corner.q3rwt45y6yrth

2. Features

Juicers have many features to offer you convenience. For instance, they have a large feeding tube for feeding significant chunks of fruits, allowing you to avoid the tedious work of chopping them into small bits. And that is not all. They also have a large disposal sprout that doesn’t easily get clogged up and produce the more considerable amount of juice.

3. Speed

When it gets to speed, you may be tempted to go for the faster models. However, it’s important to note that you may be trading nourishment for speed. Simply put, slow moving juicers create a high-quality juice with a longer shelf life compared to the quicker models.

4. Price

If you are brand-new to juicing, you may not see the need to invest in an exp[ensive model. The cheaper models are not as efficient as, the pricier ones as they produce less juice and waste produce. This suggests that over time you will end up spending more on fruits than you would have spent buying an efficient juicer. Moreover, expensive juicers are of high quality, last longer and require little maintenance.

5. Noise level

rwt45y65u7tyrtheThink twice if you believe that the noise standards of a juicer should be overlooked. Ensure that you select a juicer that works quietly to maintain the peace in your home and neighborhood. Gone are the periods when you had to wake up your family members or the entire community preparing your favorite fruit juice. Slow moving juicers are quieter compared to high-speed juicers that produce lots of noise. They allow you to continue chatting, watch your favorite shows, let the baby rest just to mention a few.

6. Size

A juicer doesn’t have to be too bulky or consume lots of space on the kitchen countertop. However, it should not be too small as it will not fit in more that your desired volume of fruits. The size that you fancy should be determined by the quantity of juice that you need and the amount of storage in your kitchen.

7. Warranty

With a guarantee, you will be able to cover for the sad factory problems that could not be identified at the time of acquisition. Only cheaper models lack warranty and to have a peace of mind ensure that you go for the higher priced models that guarantee lifetime warranty.

8. Cleaning

The more functions a juicer has, the more parts it contains and the more difficult it is to clean. On the opposite, less complicated juicers have few parts making cleaning up relatively straightforward.

Benefits Of Vitamin C Supplements


Vitamin C supplements are among the most effective supplements you can come across. The effectiveness of these supplements has been proven by many studies and users thus making them a preferred choice for many people. The main reason why vitamin C supplements are preferred by many people is because of their benefits. These supplements have a variety of health benefits. If you are planning to use these supplements or not have never thought of it, knowing some of its benefits will help you make that right decision and probably go for them. The most essential benefits of vitamin C supplements are discussed below

Essential health benefits of vitamin C supplements

1. Improves heart health

er6u7i8lyuOne of the major characteristics of vitamin C supplements is that they are strong antioxidants. This makes them to effectively fight against free radicals that are known to damage DNA in the body thus facilitating heart disease development. Vitamin C supplements ease blood vessels thus preventing overstraining of the heart that is usually associated with brain damage, heart attack and heart muscle damage. The supplements also lower blood pressure and enhances flexibility of blood arteries. This helps in preventing high blood pressure and numerous heart diseases.

2. Improve skin health

Vitamin C supplements have numerous advantages to the skin. The most common one is sun protection. The supplements protect skin against sun burn and damage by fighting free radicals resulting from excess exposure to the sun. These supplements also enhance production of collagen, a substance that promotes firmness of the skin and makes it look toned. Additionally, vitamin C wound helps in healing wounds, avert skin discoloration and improve the texture of the skin.

3. Treatment of diseases

3r4657u6Vitamin C supplements are very effective in treating a wide range of diseases. Some of these diseases and health problems include: scurvy, hypertension, common cold, vasodilation, (eye disorder) cataracts, stroke, cancer, etc. The supplements also helps in neurotransmitters production that enhances proper brain functioning and people’s moods. These supplements contain nutrients that you will find in a combination of several fruits and vegetables such as oranges, leafy vegetables, cauliflower, raspberries, strawberries, cabbages, grapes, kiwi fruits, chilies, broccoli, avocado, mangoes, bananas, parsley, etc., which mare difficult to consume all at once. Thus vitamin C supplements helps in boosting overall body immunity thus preventing and treating diseases just as that these fruits would do. The supplements are also very useful in treating lead toxicity, which usually causes abnormal growth and development among children.